The ONLY KID in diapers – potty training and being READY

I was completely convinced my newly-turned 3 year old wasn’t ready for potty training yet.

He hadn’t shown all the “signs” yet and I was sure I was doing the right thing…

…until that fateful day at “preschool meet and greet”.

I was listening to the teacher when a mom asked, “how are you going to monitor potty breaks?” (the kids are outside all day for school).

I looked around and noticed something that made my heart drop.

Macklin was THE ONLY kid in diapers.

At that moment, I knew.

I was ready.

Right after the meeting, I went to the store, bought some M&M’s (another tactic I poo-pooed), set up a little potty on each floor, and put Mack in some little boy underwear.

Two and half weeks later, not without accidents (a lot of them), some frustration and tears (mostly on my part), we have a mostly potty trained kid.

The lesson I learned from this experience has been eye-opening for me and I hope it will be for you too.

Nothing will change in your home until YOU are ready and willing.

Ready to feel discomfort.

Ready to fail.

Ready to cry tears of frustration.

Ready to clean up A LOT of poop (sorry had to say it).

And all that READY means is learning to make firm decisions and taking action on those decisions, like I did with the potty training.

And doing that requires emotional risk.

You have to be willing to feel like crap to get what you want, plainly and simply.

As a coach, these valuable skills are what I teach parents to do.

I help parents to be willing to feel whatever feeling comes up and not let it stop them.

I help parents to see that feeling bad is ok and it doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong or they should stop.

I plan with parents on how to be consistent in getting their kids to listen, know how to encourage them to do hard things, and to be firm while being kind when teaching values (or potty training or eating healthier food)

I show parents how to leverage their thoughts to gain confidence so that even if their kind and firm actions cause their kids to get upset temporarily, or create more challenges, that it’s ok, because they are creating a better life for themselves and their family.

And when you are READY (read: making a firm decision, being willing to feel whatever feelings it brings up, and taking action) to be that clear, calm, confident parent and have a better life, email me or schedule a call here with me.

During the call, we will talk about where you want to be as a parent, what you are struggling with, and I will help you find solutions to your problems on the call. Then if working together is a good fit, I will help you make a firm decision if you are ready to make yourself a priority by working on your parenting.

Remember, being ready is just a choice. Choose you. Choose your family.

What you putting off doing because you’re not ready?

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