Do you feel frustrated when your kids don’t listen?Do find yourself losing your cool more than you want to and then feeling guilty when you do? Do you want to parent with more patience, more kindness and more joy?  

When I first became a parent, I wanted the best for my kids. I wanted them to be happy and to thrive. But soon parenting just became all hard work and frustration and I was ever more confused as to how to parent in a way that helped my children become happy successful adults. I did eveything I could to get my kids to cooperate, but they would just act out and yell and I ended up doing more punishing than I could keep track of. I knew I didn’t want to feel so angry and annoyed anymore. I wanted a way raise my kids that was kinder, but would still hold them accountable for their actions and help them to grow up to be successful adults. Luckily, in my pursuit for these answers, I discovered the tools of life coaching around the same time I learned about positive parenting. It was then that I realized the secret to being effective with the parenting tools was to be aware of my own thoughts and emotions through life coaching. This combination of skills has given me invaluable tools to help my kids cooperate, listen, and thrive while I have been able to remain calm and loving.

Want to learn parenting tools that help your kids to listen without yelling and create a culture of fun and connection in your family?

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